Eye Of The Tiger


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Bottle Size

10mL, 10mL Organic, 20mL, 20mL Organic, 30mL, 30mL Organic

Nicotine Levels

00mg/mL Nicotine, 02mg/mL Nicotine, 04mg/mL Nicotine, 06mg/mL Nicotine, 08mg/mL Nicotine, 10mg/mL Nicotine, 12mg/mL Nicotine, 14mg/mL Nicotine, 16mg/mL Nicotine, 18mg/mL Nicotine, 20mg/mL Nicotine, 22mg/mL Nicotine, 24mg/mL Nicotine, 26mg/mL Nicotine, 28mg/mL Nicotine, 30mg/mL Nicotine